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Hi I'm Robin, like the bird

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Robin Doxey (she/her) is a desert native, gifted medium, intuitive healer, and massive animal lover. Since opening her first public practice in 1997, she has mastered a wide range of healing arts including Massage Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Auric Cleansing, Customized Aromatherapy for Body, Mind, and Spirit, Reconnective Healing™ and Sound Healing. In 2020, she began giving Akashic Record readings and has since seen over 200 clients.


Robin is also an animal communicator as well as a channel for psychic messages from both Akasha and the Angelic Realms. Robin is devoted to channeling guidance for those seeking clarity, council, and support in following their life path.

Robin currently lives in Tucson with her husband, their 4 pups, and 2 birds. She enjoys studying herbalism, foraging on Mt. Lemmon, and adding mineral specimens to her extensive rock collection.

A white woman with blue hair weaing a purple shirt sits in front of a white wood wall. She is holding a light blue crystal singing bowl and has her eyes closed, relishing the beautiful sound the bowl makes as she plays it.
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