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A tower of rocks balancing on top of each other sits in front of a lush green hill and cascading waterfall.

Christina, also known as CB, serves as the Director of Operations for Robin Doxey & The Warren House, ensuring both businesses function at their highest vibration.

She is an Usui Reiki Master & energy worker, with a specialty in identifying and empowering the elemental energy present in every person and in our natural world. Using a combination of Reiki, Astrology, Sound Healing, and Intuitive Channeling, CB is able to assist clients in leveraging their own elemental power, while cleansing, realigning, and strengthening their energetic systems.

Christina is also a certified Yoga Nidra facilitator, intent on bring rest to all who need it in this increasingly overworked and under-rested world. She and Robin have co-created an incredibly nourishing offering called (re)fresh that combines sound healing, Reiki, and Yoga Nidra. (re)fresh can currently be experienced at several venues around Tucson. You can check it out here!

For CB's bookings, click here. For general inquiries, send an email to

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