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A Meditation for Ancestral Healing

by Robin Doxey

We can receive incredible gifts and support from our ancestors: their abilities, wisdom, and experiences have been passed down through generations to benefit us now. However, we can also inherit their trauma and wounds the exact same way. Here is a beautiful, simple meditation to help begin the healing process of any ancestral trauma that may be affecting you in this lifetime.

By healing yourself, you can heal your ancestral line before you, as well as future generations after you, for whom you are the ancestor.

Crystals can be very powerful tools in meditation. Here are some suggestions for stones that can aid you in this process:

Blue Kyanite - opens the third eye, facilitates receiving divine messages

Petrified Wood - connects us to ancient earth, past lifetimes, assists in accessing ancestral guides

Obsidian - useful for scrying and asking questions

Chiastolite - dispels negative energy and provides protection

Bloodstone - offers purification, courage, grounding, and connection to ancestors

A close up photo of two small tumbled bloodstone crystals sit next to each other on white sand. There is a white flower and a big rock in the backgroun.

Meditation Instructions:

Sit or lay in a comfortable position, with your stone(s) arranged on an altar or held in your hands if using any. Allow your mind and body to quiet, and meditate until you begin to feel a sense of calm settle over you.

Call in your ancestral spirit guides and invite them to receive this healing with you. Visualize a beautiful healing light pouring over you and purifying any ancestral trauma.

If using crystals, energetically connect with them, asking them to boost your intentions and seal the healing.

As you end your meditation, give a statement of gratitude to your ancestors, crystals, and anyone else who may have assisted you.

Remember to hydrate afterward!


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