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An Akashic Dialogue with the spirit of Mexican Poppy

by Robin Doxey

I am a poppy.

Just a breath ago, I was sitting on the banks of a desert wash, softly gazing upon a field of Mexican poppies. The warmth of the spring sun shone down, the cool air wafted over my bare arms. I was experiencing the light and energy of Akasha channeling through my crown chakra, connecting me to earth and the oneness. In the next breath, I am in Akasha and I am a poppy. My crossed legs have transformed into a taproot, reaching into the sandy, rocky crust of the earth. The base of my body has become deeply lobed fronds of leaves and my torso is a slender stalk, gleefully reaching towards the sky. My face has transformed into a four-petaled blossom, drinking in the rays of sunlight. Poppy decided it was best for me to meet them in their world, not mine. I am enchanted.

At first, I simply drink in the sensations, the novelty of what it feels like to be a flower. A winged insect flies by and I experience how its whirring wings disturb the air molecules. I can see the vibration of them! I feel the purr they create over my petals, my face. It is luxurious and sensual in the most joyful of sensations. I can see air! Sunlight is my food, my breath, my rhythm. My face gently sways to the movement of the sun. I can see my surroundings, hear the plants rustle in growth and movement around me. I am cognizant of the creatures that inhabit my world, how they move. I can taste the moisture (or lack of) in the soil, the air, the plants. I hear and see the birds as they chirp, gossip, and boast to one another. I hold joy, I hold the secret of containing joy to combat the toil, the sorrow, the pain of life. I live in this space between the energy of sunlight and the harsh conditions of the environment. I live in the liminal...

Gently my consciousness comes back to my awareness of myself as Robin, the human, the visitor, and I began to ask Poppy my questions:

Robin: What is our relationship to each other?

Poppy: We need people, men, to create trails. Humans stirred the crust of the earth so we could take root. We have been following humans across the face of the earth for tens of thousands of years. This is why we line the roadways, the paths, the hills. We need humans to brace the unknown, the new places, so we may follow and remind them of joy, that movement is joyful, life is an explosion of color and happiness.

R: What medicine do you give humans?

P: We actually don’t desire to be a medicine for men. So many other plants have shown up here in order to be medicine. We are meant to be looked at, to connect mankind to joy and excitement for good things to come. We connect with the innocent children, the laboring women who nurture and care for their households, and the old men who have gained wisdom and perspective from their reckless youth.

R: What do you want from us?

P: In exchange for the joy we give humans, we want you to appreciate us. We want you to respond with a happy heart as you witness the world waking up from its winter slumber and new life beginning. We want you to recognize the joy of spring, the fertility around us all, and connect with your joy and happiness.

A surprise gift for me was that, in talking to Poppy, I asked it a personal question, and it answered me very specifically. Poppy was able to connect my personal question to fears from past lives that are still affecting me in this life, giving me an overview of how this has created many blocks in my life. Poppy gave me perspective and understanding; I felt my fears beginning to melt because of that revelation, providing me with new direction in that healing. I realized that, not only can my records give me wisdom and information, but the other entities and energies can also give personal messages of healing. Normally, I go to Akasha to talk to my guides and look at my records, but here healing popped up in the most unlikely of places, and for that I am grateful.


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