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How To Make Your Past Lives Work For You

Updated: Feb 19

written by Robin Doxey & Jenn Castillo

Past Lives

Not everyone subscribes to the belief in past lives, and I fully respect that perspective. In fact, the acknowledgment of past lives is a personal choice—one that each individual is free to embrace or not. I firmly believe in the autonomy to shape our own beliefs and live according to our chosen belief systems.

The Akashic Records give us access to information about our past lives. To truly appreciate the significance of this access, we must first recognize the pivotal role past lives play as a mechanism in the evolution of the soul.

A past life represents a previous incarnation of a soul—a unique journey that has already unfolded. The soul is a formless energy of massive intelligence and consciousness that is connected to the pure energy of everything. It takes on a non-material form. The soul’s desire to experience itself in material form, in different dimensions, is what drives souls to incarnate into a material existence.

Why do Souls Incarnate as Humans?

A soul exists beyond the concept of time, but humans are only alive for a few short decades. Within these decades, humans simultaneously experience a myriad of mental, emotional, and spiritual states that would otherwise take a soul eons to contemplate. For these reasons, the human experience is extraordinarily valuable. Being human enriches the soul’s experience. For instance, concepts like forgiveness gain substance when lived through human existence. In a soul-state, forgiveness is a mere concept, but as humans, we experience and grapple with it in a compressed time frame.

As a soul incarnates over many lifetimes, it also accrues benefits and gifts that they can utilize in each successive life. The things you do easily in this lifetime are gifts and experiences you have brought with you from a past life. We all come into each life with gifts and you can draw upon these gifts to assist you through your current lifetime. 

Past Lives and Contracts

When souls decide to incarnate as humans, they enter into soul contracts, designed with the purpose of attaining the lessons and experiences their souls seek. These contracts originate from a place of high vibration, motivated by our highest good. The ultimate goal is to ascend through the lessons outlined in our contract across multiple lifetimes until achieving complete actualization.

It's crucial to understand that soul contracts are expressions of love and are never intended as forms of punishment or abuse. Despite their lofty intentions, it's not uncommon for humans to enact contracts in a lower vibrational manner.

In reality, our human experiences shape our beliefs and our perception of the external world. Some experiences can lead us to lose touch with the true nature of our soul, exemplified by engaging in abusive or harmful dynamics in a low vibrational field.

When two souls manifest their dynamic from a lower vibrational field, they may attempt to fulfill the contract again in another lifetime but in a higher vibrational way. This is why relationship patterns may repeat across lifetimes, and insights from past life readings can provide guidance in the present.

These repetitions serve as opportunities for learning how to empower ourselves and heal. For instance, if the lesson to be learned is about confidence, a contract may involve a challenging boss who suppresses us. This becomes a chance to navigate such dynamics, fostering autonomy and self-love. Contracts must be fulfilled in their highest form, one characterized by love and support. Importantly, there's no compulsion to complete a contract in this lifetime. Walking away from low vibrational relationships is entirely possible—just because a contract exists doesn't mandate remaining within its confines in the present lifetime.

Soul Families and Soulmates

Throughout our journey in life, we typically navigate alongside members of our soul family, individuals with whom we share a profound affinity and attraction. These connections are characterized by intense and genuine love, leading us to incarnate repeatedly with the same souls. Each incarnation serves as an opportunity for mutual support in navigating the lessons and experiences unique to human existence.

Within our soul family, a special contract may be formed with one member, designating them as our soulmate. This chosen individual delves deep into our essence, understanding us intimately and authentically. A soulmate provides a prime opportunity to experience true, unconditional love and acceptance. While soulmates are profound teachers, it's important to note that they need not be romantic partners; they can manifest as family members, mentors, friends, or lovers.

This soulmate contract represents one of the highest connections we can make, yet living a fulfilling life doesn't necessarily require such a contract. In fact, multiple souls may contribute to fulfilling the overarching contract of unconditional love and acceptance, rather than a singular soulmate.

Exploring Past Lives through the Akashic Records 

The Akashic Records serve as the comprehensive repository of a soul's complete history, encompassing past, present, future, and even alternate timelines.

Visualize the journey of our soul as navigating through a canyon, where each stop represents a lifetime. Progressing down the canyon, some of these lifetimes offer valuable experiences, gifts, and information that prove beneficial for our current stop in this journey. As we gaze back down the canyon, echoes from those past lives resound, sharing insights and information relevant to our present existence.

Our past lives don't vanish; instead, they create energetic ripples that extend across timelines beyond their immediate existence. Occasionally, these ripples reach us in our current lifetime. While we don't relive past lives, the energy, lessons, and experiences from those lives may echo in the energy signature of our present existence.

Accessing this information isn't always in our immediate interest, yet the wisdom of our soul and the Record Keepers determines what is made available. During a reading, your soul and your Record Keepers guide us toward information that aligns with your highest good for the session, focusing on what is most pertinent to us at that moment. 

Through an Akashic Records reading, you can gain valuable insights to navigate and overcome the challenges currently unfolding in your life—challenges your soul has encountered in previous lifetimes. The soul's perspective, drawing on lessons learned from past experiences, provides relevant and beneficial guidance tailored to your present circumstances, delivering a profound source of wisdom in each reading.

If you are interested in exploring your past lives through the Akashic Records, you can book a reading with me by clicking here.



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