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Updated: Jul 6

Scorpio season is in full swing and we are making the most of it...

November brings to us a time in which our focus and attention move towards giving. This season, we will give thanks, gifts, food, time, and energy. There is great joy in being able to give and share with others. Additionally, there is another aspect of giving that is not often celebrated, and that is the gift of receiving.

The dance of giving and receiving is a beautiful and interdependent dynamic that can cultivate trust and generate heart-centered energy. While it can feel uncomfortable to receive, it is a necessary role in creating the symbiotic loop that allows for the flow of energy between giver and receiver.

Although one of these actions cannot exist without the other, we often place more value on the action of giving. As a result, guilt, unworthiness, or even discomfort can present in the body when we are asked to hold space to receive what is being offered to us. When we close ourselves off from receiving, we also close off the flow of energy in this dynamic and prevent it from reaching completion. In other words, when we do not allow ourselves to receive fully, we rob others of the joy of giving.

When we wave off a compliment, turn down help, or deny a gift because of the discomfort we feel around receiving, we also stifle the potential for that energy to flow back.

In the spirit of November, let us allow this beautiful dynamic to fill the cups of both giver and receiver by shifting our attention towards the gratitude when receiving.


As we enter Scorpio season, I’ve chosen a few crystals and minerals that embody and enhance Scorpionic nature and will help to really squeeze out the rest of the juice of the Sun’s transit through the sign of Scorpio.

Mysterious, passionate, loyal, and willing to go to profound depths, Scorpios are known for their ability to deep dive into the heaviest topics of life and death to extract healing and transformation.

We chose stones that are calming for stormy waters, soothing for passionate emotions, supportive for psychic and spiritual abilities, encouraging for creative processes, and protective for vulnerable states.

Aquamarine - The birthstone for Scorpio, Aquamarine, also known as “stone of the sea”, is gentle and calming, providing support for clear communication

Smoky Quartz - A powerful grounding stone that helps one release stuck or heavy emotional baggage of fear, anger, and resentment. Also a beautiful stone to help develop any inherent psychic and intuitive gifts. As a protective stone, it is useful to counterattack EMF pollution and diminish the power of cyber-bullying.

Malachite - A stone of transformation, it assists in the rise of spiritual energy and psychic gifts. Deeply healing to the heart chakra, it helps to identify painful emotions and release them.

Citrine - A sunny and positive stone, it radiates warmth to dissipate self-doubt and negative self-talk. Enhancing Scorpio’s desire to gather resources, Citrine attracts prosperity.

Ruby - This stone exudes confidence, granting Scorpios the courage to follow their passions, while stimulating the desire and vitality of Scorpio’s sensual nature.

Iolite - A graceful stone for opening and supporting the third eye, allowing for a penetrating and powerful trust in one’s inner knowing.


Autumn’s warm, earthly scents, and soft tones of copper, rust, and gold evoke the gentle strength of Archangel Sandalphon. With his copper-colored aura, this angel’s special gift is helping us connect deeply to Mother Earth.

As the days shorten and the nights grow longer, it’s natural to go inward, to fall into a contemplative state. Sandalphon reminds us to slow down and connect with the natural rhythms of the earth and her seasons.

Twin of Archangel Metatron, Sandalphon’s name translates from Hebrew as “co-brother” or “co-worker”. Because he once walked the earth as the prophet Elijah, his compassion and support for us is boundless.

Call upon him whenever you find yourself dis-connected, wandering without direction. When you judge yourself harshly for simply being human, you can turn to Archangel Sandalphon for guidance. Allow him to wrap you in his protective wings, and take comfort there until you can draw compassion towards yourself.


Staff Pick: Jenn Castillo, Director of Social Media & Marketing

For the person looking to support their mental health, Wood Betony will forever and always be in my medicine cabinet. This tincture has been a wonderful support for grounding in my body and warding off anxiety when I am feeling uncentered. It is incredibly soothing for my nervous system and my digestive system.

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