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October 2022 Newsletter


October is coming! This is the time of the golden dawns and dusks. When the veils between the physical and energetic realms are accessible during these liminal moments. This month is a perfect time to wake up a bit earlier to grab some solo time for your spirit. Sit quietly with a warm beverage and await the dawn greeting the day with rays of warm rose and gold. This liminal space is a perfect time to retrieve the soul from sleep and gather your energies into an intentional vision for the day. This is a magic moment to own your own power and co-create your reality today.

Similarly, as the day winds down and drifts into the embrace of night, the sunset diffuses its light across the Earth with gentle washes of golds, pinks, lavenders, and blues. This magic hour is perfect for shedding the demands of the day and relaxing into the energetic realms of peace. This space, this time is for listening to the quiet whispers of nature bestowing their treasures of wisdom. Bask in the knowledge that time is fleeting and now is precious. Take stock of what went right today, slow your heart rate by slowing your breath.


We are currently in a period of balance and integration. Not just because Libra season is upon us with the Sun sitting at 5* of this airy sign, encouraging us to seek balance in those areas of our lives where we may have tipped out of alignment. But also because we have a ton of planets in retrograde right now! We all know about Mercury retrograde, which has been so since September 8, having passed out of Libra and is currently doing its retrograde thing in Virgo, but we also have nine other planets and asteroids stationed retrograde throughout our cozy little corner of the cosmos. With all of this retrograde energy swirling around us, it’s important to re-calibrate and seek balance. Otherwise we may feel anxious, scatter-brained, overwhelmed, or even out of control.

Mercury goes retrograde about four times a year, and pop astrology would have you believe that it’s something to fear, a time to hide under the covers and avoid your problems. If that’s the case, then what do you do when so many other bodies in the sky are also retrograde? Retrograde season should instead be about recognizing the return of patterns that you may not have fully integrated or outgrown yet. Retrogrades are an invitation to go inward, to look at what’s really going on with you, and to do the necessary healing and growth in order to “level up” in your journey.

Now, though we may all be in different phases of said journey when retrogrades occur, we can still choose to use (or not use) the energies at play, based on our own situations and life experiences (hello, free will!). However, it is always possible for you to take advantage of this potent energy and make it work for you, rather than using it as an excuse for a “woe is me” moment. Integration is an important part of growth, but it’s not easy and usually not fun. It can be painful, it can hold up a mirror and show you the worst parts of yourself, the parts that you would rather not look at, let alone reveal to anyone else. But it’s necessary to recognize and name these parts in order to grow and move forward. Tough love is still love, right? And once you’ve made it to the other side of whatever it is you’re going through, you’ll be able to reflect on this retrograde season and see how much work you've already done.

I encourage you to spend some time connecting with each of the different planets in retrograde to see how you can leverage that energy. Who knows, you might find that one of these planets holds the key to that next step you’ve been trying to figure out how to take.

Current Retrogrades (as of 9/28/22 at 1:20PM MST)

Mercury 25* Virgo

Jupiter 3* Aries

Saturn 19* Aquarius

Uranus 18* Taurus

Neptune 23* Pisces

Pluto 26* Capricorn

Chiron 14* Aries

Vesta 23* Aquarius

Juno 10* Pisces

Eris 24* Aries

Lilith 11* Cancer


Recommended stones:

Blue Kyanite - Opening third eye, receiving Divine messages

Petrified Wood - Connection to ancient Earth, past lifetimes, accessing Ancestral Guides

Obsidian - Scrying and asking questions

Chiastolite - Dispelling negative energy and protection

Bloodstone - Purification, courage, grounding, connecting to ancestors

Sit in quiet meditation with your stones arrayed on an altar or held in your hands. Call in your Ancestral Spirit Guides and visualize healing light pouring over you and purifying any ancestral trauma. Energetically connect with the stones to boost your intentions and seal the healing. Give a statement of gratitude as you end your meditative session.

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