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Here are some examples of the types of questions you can ask during your reading. 


How can I become more grounded and present?

How can I bring more awareness to what my life path is? Find my life path? Know that I'm connected to my life path?

What can I do to become less reactive and more responsive?

What can I do for personal spiritual healing?

How can I integrate my spiritual practice into my day-to-day activities?

Who are my spirit guides and how can I increase my awareness of them? How can I best communicate with them?

What can I do to support my spiritual gifts?

What is my life purpose? How can I support my soul's journey?

Relationships & Family

Why are (name) and I together in this lifetime?

What am I meant to learn from this relationship?

How can I better learn from past relationship patterns? How can I release old patterns that no longer serve me?

What contracts to I have with (name)? Why are those contracts helpful for my life path and purpose?

How can I open myself up to love and be more accepting of equally receiving and giving energy?


Career & Finances

Is my career or work aligned with my soul's purpose?

How can I align my soul's purpose with my work?

What stories or limiting beliefs prevent me to accepting or reaching abundance?

What did I learn from past life experience about career, success, and financial abundance?


Past Lives

What past lives are affecting this life?

What lessons am I completing in this life?

Which talents and gifts have come along with me from past lives?

What past life issues or relationships am I currently dealing with?

Are there any souls from my past lives that are currently with me in this life?


Life Challenges

What is this (challenge or obstacle) teaching me?

How can I feel more peaceful or accepting with (challenge or obstacle)

How do I release feelings of shame, anger, guilt, etc? What are these feelings teaching me?

What can I do to become more comfortable with respecting my boundaries and the boundaries of others?

How do I release unhealthy patterns of self-sabotage, procrastination, self neglect, worrying, escapism, etc?



What do I need to know today?

What do my guides want me to be aware of?

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