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An Akashic Conversation with Mugwort

by Robin Doxey, originally published March 2023

This month I had the privilege to get to know Mugwort. Despite mugwort’s current accessibility and abundance, it still contains mystery and magic. In the physical realm, mugwort is used extensively around the world for health by aiding in sleep, detoxifying the liver and spleen, and moving Qi (or Ki). However, in the metaphysical realm, it is utilized in holy ceremonies, rituals and astral travels. It is in this realm that I encountered Mugwort and I wish to share what was revealed to me.

A woven basket sits on a light wood table top. Inside the basket is an abundance of Mugwort, a leafy green plant.

As I entered a meditative state, Archangel Raphael came to me and escorted me into Akasha. We grew very large, ascending through different dimensions until we arrived at the dimension where Mugwort wished to meet with us. We touched down into a dream dimension, onto a plane that looked like a large white spinning disk whose edges faded into infinity.

This disk was about the size of an average spiral galaxy, but because I was huge, I was able to see it in its entirety, as if normal-sized me was standing in the middle of a football field. It was not solid like earth, but more ethereal, as if the ground was mist or smoke, yet I could stand firmly upon it. Mugwort did not appear in a physical form, rather it communicated to me within my mind. I could hear and understand it but I couldn’t see it. This is what I was told:

“I am not the medicine. I am the portal through which one goes to receive the medicine. But as you step through me, you step through as a dream walker, which means the messages that come through are meant to be interpreted, not meant to be taken literally. You must use your intuition and wisdom to translate the messages for yourself and others.”

Historically used by those initiated into spiritual medicine, such as shamans, medicine people, healers, priests & priestesses, and wise elders, mugwort’s ceremonial purpose has been to travel into dream states and other dimensions in order to receive guidance and messages. By contrast, with today’s spiritual bloom, mugwort’s portal is now accessible for anyone who is exploring their spirituality. While this widespread availability is something to be celebrated, it is crucial that one does not use this holy herb casually, but instead respects and honors its sacred origins.

Recommended Instructions for Use:

  • First, cleanse your space, but do not use mugwort to do this as it’s not meant to be a cleansing smoke (instead, you can use a spray, sound, or smoke from other herb bundles).

  • Next, prepare yourself for meditation by calming the body and mind. If using mugwort tea, inhale the steam deeply and drink slowly. If using mugwort smoke, light the bundle and allow the smoke to waft around you, inhaling deeply.

  • Then, regardless of which method you’re using, Mugwort will open your mind, guide you into a meditative state, and usher you through the portal into the other realms that await you.

Be advised, you may continue to receive messages in your dreams during that night’s sleep.


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