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A photo of a Tibetan Buddha statue in turquoise robes sits in lotus position with hands in prayer. In the background are rainbow colored crystal singing bowls on a tie=dye tapestry


Get to Know Us

The Warren House is a holistic, intimate community space for clients and practitioners wishing to gather together and support one another as they walk a path of growth and awakening. The space is run by Robin and her team, Christina Bryan and Jenn Castillo, each contributing their own unique gifts and expertise in order to create a truly special place for healing, learning, and building community.


In addition to serving as a base for Robin’s practices, The Warren House is available to rent! We has an ever-growing network of local Tucson practitioners, and the offerings vary from individual to small group experiences, including Sound Baths, workshops, and various divinatory readings. We will offer a safe space for practitioners and clients to give and receive readings and healings, as well as to create opportunities to build community around various spiritual practices.


Potentially interested clients are encouraged to sign up for Robin’s monthly newsletter, which will include notices of upcoming events, as well as words of spiritual encouragement, astrological insights, and educational deep dives into a different topic each month.


For practitioners interested in renting space at The Warren House, please send an email to Christina at to request an application.

We look forward to connecting with you!


A photo of a lit jar candle sitting on a white wood table, and a sprig of eucalyptus. In the background are white pillar candles, all lit.

The Sol Room

an ideal healing space for Reiki sessions, private yoga classes, small meditation workshops, massage therapy, and other energy and body work sessions.

A deck of Rider-Waite tarot cards sits on a grey table. Three crystals are arranged around the sides and top of the cards.

The Mystic Room

designed for readers, mediums, and divinatory practices of all kinds, including Tarot, Astrology, Akashic Records, Tea Leaves, Mediumship, and Human Design. Practitioners are welcome to use this space for virtual appointments as well as in-person work.

A pale pink bowl containing selenite, aventurine, and burning palo santo sits on a white marble table. There is a bundle of sage next to the bowl.

Calliope's Parlor

our cozy sitting room where small classes, workshops, and clubs can have meetings in a comfortable, peaceful, and safe space.

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